Software for Diabetics, Robert Stetson
Robert Stetson

Software for Diabetics

40 printed pages
The software in this book can be easily downloaded and installed from my website. The URL (Internet Address) and instructions were made simple for the average person with the average computer skills. No special computer skills are required to install and use this software. The work has already been done for you in chapter 5 which automates the process.

This software not only creates a record of your blood glucose readings, but also does the math and gives your progress, daily, weekly, monthly and overall average with regard to your blood glucose levels.

It’s amazing that we never realize what we are eating and when until we see it recorded. By comparing the Nutritional Information log to your blood glucose readings, your Doctor, Nutritionist, and your pharmacist may get a better idea of the source of problems, if any, related to your diabetic treatment. The Nutritional Information Software creates a log to record your insulin dosages, your food intake and the exact time for each entry.
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