Great Spiritual Works, Gene Gerson
Gene Gerson

Great Spiritual Works

177 printed pages
For the first time, four of Jean Gerson’s treatises regarding the deeper aspects of “spiritual life” have been painstakingly translated and progressively placed in tandem of each other.
a) «De Probatione Spirituum” – “The Proving of Spirits”
b) Snares of the Devil
c) “De Distinctione Verarum Visionum A Falsis” – “The Distinctions between False and True Visions”
d) Practical Guide to Spiritual Prayer
Jean Gerson may be considered as on of the great reformers of the Church prior to Luther. Gerson, like so many other before and after him, had concern for the peace and well-being of the Church thereby embraced the call for theological reform. During his life, there was an increasing movement towards Scholasticism, which fanned the increasing role of theological speculation and innovation within the university resulting in men graduating with their degrees with students rallying blindly behind this or that theologian.
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