Suhyun An

The Pain-Free Knee

If you’re reading this, your knees have likely been causing a lot of pain for a long time—perhaps months and even years. You may be among the thousands of people whose pain is so intense it’s caused them to forfeit some or all daily activities, cut down on or altogether eliminate important exercise, miss out on good times with family and friends, and even compromise a job and income to accommodate it.
In The Pain-Free Knee: How To Have a Healthy, Happy Knee…Surgery-Free, Campbell Medical Clinic Director Suhyun An, DC, BSN, RN presents safe, conservative, natural, and highly effective alternative therapies to conventional methods of addressing knee or other joint pain. Often the go-to paths to healing sought by world class athletes, these alternatives can provide complete pain relief, increased mobility, and significantly diminished recovery time compared to a surgery option. What’s more, surgery—which involves time away from work and an exorbitantly high price tag (what about your high insurance deductible?)—can fail, leaving you in as much or even more pain than when you started.
The fact that we always use our knees is no small matter. Every time we sit, stand, walk, squat, or run, we require our knees to perform. Perhaps you’ve been told by your physician that for chronic pain, heavy drugs that may impair the way you function and/or surgery to repair or replace a joint are inevitable—and in fact the only options. But like a lot of things in healthcare, that kind of information is ancient history or even pure myth. There is another way!
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