Adam J Arafat

Be Someone

Do you feel like your passion and purpose are not aligned? Adam Jordan Arafat's BE SOMEONE will challenge every thought you have on the topic and open your mind to what it fully means to tap into your true potential.

Drawing on inspirational stories and personal experiences, Adam will show you how important it is to build your vision to guide your activity and how tapping into your full talent will impact your life, business, and the world.

Inside this book, you will learn:

What it means to have “vision,” a concept used by CEOs to run companies, and apply it to life.How visions are formed and how to incorporate cultivating your vision into daily life.How to focus your ambition and discover who you want to be.

According to an MHA Workplace Health Survey, 70% of the American workforce currently feels unfulfilled with their job due to their hard work and talent going unrecognized and unrewarded. If you are ready to change that statistic, if you are ready to feed your entrepreneurial spirit, if you are ready to be someone, this book is for you.
105 printed pages
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