The Complete Guide to Relational Therapy, Codrin Stefan Tapu
Codrin Stefan Tapu

The Complete Guide to Relational Therapy

In this guide for clinicians, patients, and self-helpers, CS Tapu presents the features of relational therapy from a practical perspective. This concise volume is a step-by-step guide that can allow a proper course to relation change. “Do you remember? At first, you couldn't refrain telling me that you didn't like me. As I pointed out repeatedly that telling me this means breaking the rules, you gave up. Then, I began feeling hostility from your part. But it was a healthy hostility, I felt it from the way you looked at me and the way you talked to me, not from what you did or what you said. As our therapy progressed, and I encouraged you to tell me openly what you thought about me, I felt that hostility fading away. One day you said: 'I think you're not a good therapist and I consider quitting the therapy'. From that moment on, you became more focused on what should we do for me to be a better therapist for you, and I spent less time being distressed about your feelings for me.”
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