Larry Moen

Meditations for Healing

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To be healed implies physical and mental strength and freedom from disease. The dis-ease we encumber in our own being is a result of past programming. It has been my experience that this past programming can be purified through the process of guided meditation. For that reason, I have assembled this collection of healing meditations from a varied group of guides including psychologists, therapists, physicians, and others who offer imagery techniques as part of their lives or careers. Each imagery can be perceived as a prayer. You are simply asking for and receiving what your unlimited higher self has to offer. Images can produce powerful emotions and unlock psychological blocks. As you turn inward, you may find light, truth, and love, which may be different from your normal conscious state. You may also discover darkness, deceit, and fear, which in this world of duality is only a mask covering the higher states of consciousness. Love is a powerful healer that can be revealed or enhanced through meditation. Creating a loving atmosphere is beneficial to those who are physically ill. Imagery can also help the body boost its immune system, increase the production of chemicals that encourage healing, and generally relax and promote the peace and love an individual needs to aid in the healing process. Allowing yourself to love yourself has surprising consequences. It helps you become free, break down psychological walls, be fearless, and be strong. It is only after you love yourself that you can begin to heal. Visualization has also been found to enhance learning, build self-confidence, and improve athletic ability. It is not magic and it is not supernatural. Guided imagery is a simple matter of relaxing, uncluttering your mind, and focusing your thoughts clearly on what you wish to accomplish. It helps create a more receptive environment to help you achieve your desired results. During my many years of practicing meditation and unlocking the secrets of my own psyche, I have found that what we concentrate on, we receive. If a person concentrates on "e;not getting"e; negative results, negative results still occur because the focus is on the negative. On the other hand by focusing on the positive, one will move in that direction, receiving positive results. This book is filled with positive. Another important healing benefit of meditation is the release of stress. When stress is not released, it can be internalized and cause psychological and physical damage. Guided meditation is one of the many tools available for teaching people how to let go of tension, anger, fear, anxiety, and other stress-producing emotions that cause illness. This book will help you change and improve your life by guiding you to your own inner strength. Such strength is innate in each one of us, and while many people rely on outside influences, persons, or materials to achieve changes and growth, all the tools you need are present within you. Guided imagery helps you see yourself the way you wish to be. As you practice visualization, you become more and more comfortable with a new reality for yourself. For example, if you are hesitant about speaking in front of an audience, you can visualize successful speeches and see yourself in front of an audience in a calm, controlled manner. Of course, you still must actually practice speaking in addition to the imagery. But the imagery will enhance your progress and success. These meditations are given to you with sincere love and hope that they will help enhance your personal abilities and mental powers. Allow yourself to let go and enjoy these experiences. You are all the things you want to be. Guided imagery will help you discover that.
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