Earnest Whitfield

It's A Man's World! Or Is It

“It's A Man's World! Or Is It?” is worth thoughtful consideration. The title of this book should provoke consideration as to how we see things. It suggests that there are more questions than answers. There are topics in this writing that will, hopefully, cause us to rethink how our country has changed; some things for the better and some for the worst. English teachers would have a field day with the style in of its delivery.

“It's A Man's World! Or Is It?” Simply makes a statement and asks a question. God is holding someone responsible for His creation.

This book addresses challenges that we presently experience because we, as a society, have neglected the most important ingredient in our life for survival. We have become so entrenched with “RIGHTS”, instead of “WHAT IS RIGHT.”

Humanity is more concerned about what the Constitution of the United States grants to her citizens; rather than “What God requires of humanity”. Too few people get it right!

145 printed pages
Original publication



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