Wait What?!, J-Wunder

Wait What?!

Outrageous stories and no holds barred advice from the mind of a ghetto genius.
«J-Wunder's wit and honesty make Wait…WHAT?! Life Advice From A Ghetto Genius a must-read book. His shocking tales and genius revelations reveal the absurdity of life and love and sex."" —Elizabeth Jayne Liu, Head Homette, Flourish in Progress
J-Wunder has shocked, entertained, and advised millions of visitors on his blog, Ghetto Genius, since 2010. WAIT…WHAT?! collects the best and the most ridiculous stories, best-of lists, and advice columns, with never-before-seen insights into the wild life of J-Wunder and his partners in crime, Anonymous and The Ringer.
Highlights include:The epic saga of hooking up with Cat Woman — the craziest cat lady on Match.ComThe Hate List of Facebook (parts 1, 2, and 3): Everything we hate about the largest social networkThe Daily Grind: advice and stories to encourage you to work hard and play even harderStraight talking relationship advice, from the only guy willing to tell it like it isBlogging taught J-Wunder not to take life too seriously, and sharing his misfortunes not only makes people laugh, but helps them with their own problems. Like a train wreck you can’t look away from, WAIT…WHAT?! LIFE ADVICE FROM A GHETTO GENIUS is filled with stories that are too hilarious and horrifying to be anything but true.
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