L.P. Suzanne Atkinson

Regarding Hayworth Series: Bundle # 1

Station Secrets: Regarding Hayworth Book I
Everyone has secrets, and The Station serves as a refuge for just a collection of, seemingly, ordinary souls. Meet Benjamine Tullis, the recently retired antique dealer; Cheryl Nadler, the petite young adoption social worker; Joe Dodd, the cat-rescuing independent carpenter; Rose Woodworth, the medical secretary, and her sister, Maggie who was institutionalized most of her life; Patrick Hollinger, the toy collecting dishwasher; and Amanda Wolski, the young mother and building manager, married to her gorgeous, mechanic husband, Chester. Hear their stories in their own words. Experience their struggles as they reveal the circumstances of their secrets. Come to know why they are in Hayworth. Discover the significance of their confluence at this pivitol time, and at this juncture of their lives.
Hexagon Dilemma: Regarding Hayworth Book II
Gaby Ridgway is forty and widowed. She moves to the small town of Hayworth, Alberta the summer of 1977 in an attempt to rebuild, restore, and renew her life. Her career as a family counsellor for the Alberta government Department of Health and Welfare is jeopardized by a suspicous disappearance, a Nova Scotia murder, and the complications of fear and uncertainty when she is stalked by a troubled and persistent client. Throughout the investigations that follow, Gaby is forced to rethink, re-examine, and revise her concepts of herself as both a professional and a member of the Hayworth community. Gaby's story serves to remind us all of our core values. When faced with an ethical dilemma, are you prepared for personal sacrifice in order to hold fast to what you know is your true self?
524 printed pages
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