Infallible, Derick Hudson
Derick Hudson


Only thirty and at death's door, Abe Sheridan requires a lifesaving bone marrow transplant from his father…but has no idea who he is.

Abe's mother, long since departed after committing suicide, had taken the disturbing details of the night of his conception to her grave, leaving him with few leads to find the one donor who could prevent the cruel, insidious cancer robbing him of a life he desperately clings to.

Danger and death soon envelop his investigation as he begins to unravel the earth-shattering truth about his mother's unholy union.
With the help of a young, vocationally-challenged nun, a weakening Abe finally identifies the man who had bedded his mother over three decades ago, leaving him with the dilemma of whether or not saving his own life would be worth the resultant downfall of his biological father…and the Catholic Church worldwide.

Infallible is a scandalous, blood curdling thriller that will imprint itself on your psyche…permanently!
114 printed pages
Original publication



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