Danielle May

Every Boss Has A Soft Spot 3

They met. She chose… Now see what happens next.
In the final installment of Every Boss Has a Soft Spot, Sasha must deal with the trauma left by a crazy fling from Ron’s past, but she is determined to overcome her struggles and get back to the person she was before. When the people closest to her start to question the seriousness of her relationship, she doesn’t let their negative opinions change how she feels about Ron and remains by his side. Everything is going well until she witnesses him in an act that leaves her no choice but to talk away from him. After receiving some shocking news, she must make the decision of whether she wants to keep this information to herself or share it with him.
The only thing that is on Ron’s mind is finding Amber and making her pay for the pain she caused Sasha. After he handles his little problem, his only focus is on his money and his new budding romance. Though it takes him some time to adjust to the relationship life, he eventually falls right into it. A night of celebration ends with a big misunderstanding that leaves him feeling like he’ll be better off single. He goes back to his womanizing ways, not allowing any other woman the opportunity to get close to him. He is content with the way that he is living until he learns that Sasha has been hiding a secret that leads him to knock on her door and demand answers.
176 printed pages
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