The Doomsday Key, James Rollins
James Rollins

The Doomsday Key

505 printed pages
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“James Rollins knows adventure.”
Chicago Sun Times
With The Doomsday Key—the latest Sigma Force blockbuster from New York Times bestselling author James Rollins—the critically acclaimed thrill-master continues to dazzle with an electrifying combination of history, religion, science, and adventure. The hero of Map of Bones, The Black Order, and other exceptional Rollins roller-coaster rides, Commander Pierce returns to solve a centuries-old secret, one coded in prophecies of doom—in a story that fans of Michael Crichton, Douglas Preston, and Indiana Jones will not be able to put down!
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Jens Søndergaard Jensen
Jens Søndergaard Jensenshared an impressionlast year
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whiteswan5465has quoted4 years ago
Spring, 1086

The ravens were the first sign.
As the horse-drawn wagon traveled down the rutted track between rolling fields of barley, a flock of ravens rose up in a black wash. They hurled themselves into the blue of the morning and swept high in a panicked rout, but this was more than the usual startled flight. The ravens wheeled and swooped, tumbled and flapped. Over the road, they crashed into each other and rained down out of the skies. Small bodies struck the road, breaking wing and beak. They twitched in the ruts. Wings fluttered weakly.
But most disturbing was the silence of it all.
No caws, no screams.
Just the frantic beat of wing—then the soft impact of feathered bodies on the hard dirt and broken stone.
The wagon’s driver crossed himself and slowed the cart. His heavy-lidded eyes watched the skies. The horse tossed its head and huffed into the chill of the morning.
“Keep going,” said the traveler sharing the wagon. Martin Borr was the youngest of the royal coroners, ordered here upon a secret edict from King William himself.
As Martin huddled deeper into his heavy cloak, he remembered the note secured by wax and imprinted by the great royal seal. Burdened by the cost of war, King William had sent scores of royal commissioners out into the countryside to amass a great accounting of the lands and properties of his kingdom. The immense tally was being recorded in a mammoth volume called the Domesday Book, collected together by a single scholar and written in a cryptic form of Latin. The accounting was all done as a means of measuring the proper tax owed to the crown.
Or so it was said.
Some grew to suspect there was another reason for such a grand survey of all the lands. They compared the book to the Bible’s description of the Last Judgment, where God kept an accounting of all mankind’s deeds in the Book of Life. Whispers and rumors began calling the result of this great survey the Doomsday Book.
These last were closer to the truth than anyone suspected.
Martin had read the wax-sealed letter. He’d observed that lone scribe painstakingly recording the results of the royal commissioners in the great book, and at the end, he’d watched the scholar scratch a
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