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Summary of The Third Wave by Steve Case | Includes Analysis


The Third Wave relates AOL co-founder and former CEO Steve Case’s reflections on his career and the future of the technology industry in America. Part memoir, part analysis of the industry, The Third Waveis also a cautionary tale to would-be entrepreneurs who believe the culture of solo founders and tech disruption will always be valued in the future. The book is named for futurist Alvin Toffler’s 1980 text The Third Wave. In Toffler’s text, all of humanity’s past, present, and future can be divided into three waves.

In Case’s Third Wave, the history of the Internet is likewise broken into three waves. In the First Wave, entrepreneurs such as those at AOL had to build the infrastructure of a consumer-facing Internet from the ground up. These early Internet pioneers had to communicate and partner across industries to ensure that the government…

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    mo9fhas quotedlast year
    The First Wave of the Internet was about building the technology from the ground up and getting people connected.
    The Second Wave of the Internet was about developing and creating the products we use online. Google, Amazon, eBay, social networking, and mobile devices all emerged in this period.
    The Third Wave of the Internet will crest when the Internet is as ubiquitous and essential to modern society as electricity
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