Timothy G. Cochran

Secrets Of Prophets


How would you like to know the building blocks that penetrate the veil hiding the unseen realms of
God? Secrets of Prophets will…

Explain the nature of time.

Illustrate the physical reality of reaching into this invisible world.

Define an existing neutral zone.

Expound on where the receiver is.

Give you the confidence in humbleness to expect answers.


What societal benefits do you think could stem from self-contained Nonprofits that served their vital functions independent of government and your taxes, beneficiary's money, independent of traditional fundraising, and the fear of losing their nonprofit status??

Subtitle: Elevating the Influence of the Nonprofit Industry will…

Explain why maintaining a high beneficiary confidence in themselves and their Nonprofit advances everything and inspires everyone.

Reveal how aid starting at the center of communities results in economic strength that grows geometrically to overlap the boundaries of other neighborhoods and cities, etcetera.

Connect how faith and patience binds every concept and efficiency in PART II.

Disclose how this theory will refine wares and cause our exports to rival our imports in the future.

Coupled with PART I, elucidate how following the model in this book will explicate the best defense against the Antichrist's formation of the ten kingdoms.
582 printed pages
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