Sheila D Green

The Business of a Successful Marriage

Individuals who have owned a business or worked in the business world understand what it takes to create success.  There are certain principles and steps that are required to ensure that the business is successful and thriving.  Many individuals are taking critical steps that they know will help make their business successful.  The same holds true for marriages.  We need to start thinking about our marriage like a business.  The same things that we think about for a thriving business, we need to think about for our marriages.  In most business situations, individuals are thinking about success and the belief that success can be achieved.  They picture their business as a success and do whatever it takes to ensure its success.  There are so many marriages that are struggling and many end up broken or in divorce.  One of the reasons why marriages are not successful is that we do not put the same time and effort into the marriage that we put into our business or our work.  We know what it takes to make sure our business is a success and we take the necessary steps for that success.  Many married couples fail to do the same thing for their marriages.  We don’t treat our marriage in a way that will ensure success.  In business, we make sure we put in the necessary time and energy.  In many marriages, we don’t invest the time.  In business, we implement strategies to ensure financial success. In marriage, we don’t pay close attention to money.  In business, we make sure we have a business plan.  We tend not to have a business plan for our marriages.  In business, we ensure that the employees take time off to recharge.  In marriages, we typically do not take needed vacations and spend quality time together.  I think you get the point.  We must start thinking about marriage as a business and only then can we expect the rewards, just as we are rewarded handsomely by successfully managing a business. This book will be your blueprint to using well known business practices and principles and applying them to your marriage.  By following these practices you will be well on your way to a successful thriving marriage.
106 printed pages
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