Stan Fairbanks

Going for 60

A mass shooter is on the prowl to make history and the two men who can stop him hate each other's guts.

The scars of a bullied childhood launch Jonathan into a life of helping others as a renowned psychologist. He thought he'd left his tormented past behind, but when a potential mass shooter toys with the FBI and leaves them stumped, the agent that asks for Jonathan's help is none other than the man who made his teenager years a living hell.

Old wounds are ripped open, but the lives of over sixty people depend on the teamwork of two people who can't let the past go.

As the killer's taunts become personal, old rivalries flare to new heights, undermining both men just when they need to be at the top of their game. Can they get beyond personal issues to solve the case of a lifetime and stop Mr. Sixty from achieving his goal of becoming the worse mass shooter in the history of the USA?

Pick up this thriller that will keep you on the edge of your seat as it tumbles through the turbulent aftermath of bullying, a broken system, and the dark side of desiring fame.
267 printed pages
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