John L.Allen Jr.

Global Good News

World-renowned Vatican expert and highly respected journalist, John Allen, highlights what's inspiring in the global Church today that rarely gets media coverage.
This world-traveling reporter covers the Vatican for a major national Catholic newspaper and for CNN. What he has seen and heard of the Church's presence here on earth inspires us and challenges us to truly live our faith.
Vignettes from several parts of the world show the vibrancy, buoyancy, and hope of what's working in local Catholic faith communities around the globe. Each “snapshot” is followed by two questions for reflection:
How does this vignette challenge and/or affirm my discipleship and my commitment to the Gospel and the Church?
How does this vignette challenge and/or affirm the vision and commitment of my parish, Newman Center, or small faith community?
Glimpses of encouragement, reassurance, and hope are an inspiring model of what the Catholic Church means around the world today--and what it can mean in our own lives.
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