C.H. Pappas

The Grinch Stole More Than Christmas

When it comes to the observance of Christian memorial days, such as Christmas and Easter, many are confused.  They have come to think of them being of pagan origin.  They are oblivious in how the early saints had always observed these momentous acts of God. For an example the Easter observance was first called Pascha which means Passover.  To this day many still refer to Easter as Pascha: and rightly so as our Lord Jesus Christ is the true Passover Lamb.  However there are any that look upon the observance of Easter as being of pagan origin.  But nothing is further from the truth.
Worse still, a critical spirit that poisons as well as divide has surfaced among the brethren.  This is most dreadful as it quenches the light of the blessed gospel.  It also divides families, separated brethren and fragmented fellowships.  The purpose of the writer is to check this critical spirit by shedding light upon the observance of these momentous acts of God.  They were always observed by the early church.  The Grinch indeed has stolen more than Christmas; he has quenched the light, poisoned the saints and robbed them of their joy.  It is the desire of the writer that the Joy of the Lord which is our strength be restored.
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