Rebekah Harkness

Turning the Tide – The Top Ten Principles of a Success Mindset

With her first book, Turning the Tide: The Top Ten Principles of a Success Mindset, Rebekah Harkness has found a fresh approach to the timeless self-help guide: simplicity. Her central message is well-established and harkens back to authors like Norman Vincent Peale and Napoleon Hill: think positively; rid yourself of guilt and regrets about situations from your past; imagine what you want to achieve; don't be afraid that you want too much. This author's particular gift, however, is that she presents these modalities in a clear, calm, twenty-first-century voice today's readers will find irresistibly welcoming – just as they will find her advice on taking charge of their lives eminently “do-able.” Harkness also scores in her approach to spirituality. While making it clear that she has faith in God, she avoids entangling readers in organized religion, which she, herself, find inimical to achieving one's dreams and aspirations. Here, at last, is a common-sense, practical treatise sure to be valued by readers in today's unsettled and daunting world.
68 printed pages
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