Matthew Kirkby

Fat Burning: How I Lost 70lbs In 124 Days

If you have got to this point, then welcome.

This factual story details how I managed to change my life for the better and loose a remarkable 70lbs in only 124 days.

Starting with a personal account detailing my life, leading up to the moment that I finally realised how unhealthy and overweight I had become.

Following this point there are daily plans that specifically detail the food that was eaten and the exercise performed.

This is unlike any other likeminded or similar eBook or story, being the amount of detail shared from each of the 124 life changing days that healthily saw my weight plummet from 301lbs to 231lbs.

This is my account of my true life changing story, please read this for your own information, enjoyment, pleasure, or even use it as your inspiration and guide to complete a similar remarkable life changing event of your own.
91 printed pages
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