Light Codes for the Soul

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Light Codes for the Soul takes you on a journey to reconnect to the sacred, sublime you. As you navigate this series of channeled, high-vibrational energies, you can connect fully to All That Is, engage with empowering healing frequencies and awaken your authentic self.

In this unique book, the universal, multidimensional energy of Light Language is consolidated and condensed, making its divine wisdom available to you through Light Codes. Through the symbols, stories, and messages in these pages, you can further your self-discovery and heal your mental, emotional, physical, and spiritual bodies.

With these Light Codes as guides, we can travel to that far-away time when a primordial spark ignited the “great soul wound” of humanity. In that moment, our souls were fractured, so it is there that we must find the root of our confusion and emotional pain. It is there that we can rediscover the deepest part of ourselves, connect with our individual truth, and see with clarity the stories which shape and color our lives.

Light Codes for the Soul is a gift of self-love and care that can bring you profound healing. It is a roadmap that shows you the way home: back to the spiritual wisdom, truth, and energy that feeds you, body, mind, and soul.
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    Yanna Dabulashared an impression4 months ago
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    Yanna Dabulahas quoted6 months ago
    A flower blooming, a bird singing, ocean waves crashing upon a shoreline, sun glistening off a lake—anything that makes your heart feel warm is Light Language. Art is an expression of Light Language, as are dance, music, and photography. Mathematics and science are types of Light Language too. Light Language flows within and around all things, it is part of the expression and creation of all things.
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