Walter P.Wright

Room and Window Gardening

«Room and Window Gardening is a practical and comprehensive guide for all those who garden indoors and in small spaces. This Vintage Words of Wisdom title was originally published in 1937 but it remains remarkably relevant today as living spaces become smaller and more crowded, and outside space is a luxury that many cannot afford or do not have the time to tend.

The author imparts his wide knowledge and experience on the plants that are most suitable for growing indoors and the care that they need. The book also covers window sill gardening with advice on building and stocking window boxes, information on container gardening for small front and back yards and patios, guidance on propagation and how to buy the plants you need, as well as a month-by-month guide to plant selection and care throughout the year. He also covers things like window cases and Wardian cases, which are experiencing something of a revival in the twenty-first century after being seen as old-fashioned for a long time.

Overall, the author’s enthusiasm for and delight in plants shines through in this helpful guide. The book is illustrated with contemporary photographs, which provide a charming and nostalgic picture of the impressive flower displays achieved by people determined to beautify their surroundings in whatever space they had available. Ideal for the urban gardener, Room and Window Gardening is full of gardening tips for the keen amateur, those looking to use plants as part of a vintage interior design and for anyone who loves pot plants, window boxes and container gardening.»
227 printed pages
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