The Ear Is A Hungry Ghost, Duncan Marshall
Duncan Marshall

The Ear Is A Hungry Ghost

This book is a meandering, partisan, incomplete tale of one man’s hungry ghosts. It’s about life, listening and a headful of music.
Amongst other things, it’s about
• a prefect, pool attendant, potter and parent; a layabout, lexicographer and library assistant
• a pair of greedy ears, used and abused for aural fine dining, extreme eating, street food and TV dinners
• the Voyager space probe’s golden LP with its 90 minutes of music
• Elvis’s hair, Keith Emerson’s organ, sex and pistols, lists, trousers, Aleister Crowley, tubular bells and stamps.
Whether you like music, love music or can’t decide, there’s plenty here to graze on, and lots to get your teeth into. There’s even a tasting menu for every chapter, in the form of a playlist with its own Spotify link. Read, listen and enjoy.
478 printed pages
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