Enlighten, Colm Cunningham, David McNair, Richard Pollock
Colm Cunningham,David McNair,Richard Pollock


Older people need about twice as much light as younger people to accomplish everyday tasks comfortably and the need is even greater for people with dementia.
Light and lighting that promotes health and independence doesn’t just happen. It needs to be designed, with awareness of the specific needs of older people and people with dementia. With many nations experiencing rapidly ageing populations and nearly 50 million people globally living with dementia, improving lighting design and access to natural light is a simple way to make a world of difference to their quality of life.
Enlighten: Lighting for older people and people with dementia provides general insights for a broad readership, recommendations for care professionals and detailed technical information for engineers, architects and designers responsible for new buildings, refurbishments and alterations.
Enlighten explains how much light is enough, why access to natural light benefits health and how contrast, colour and reflection can hinder or support us in making sense of our world.
The three authors have decades of experience across lighting engineering, building design and dementia care, ensuring that Enlighten is a go-to resource for creating dementia-inclusive environments that improve quality of life and increase independence.
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