Rogue Planet – Fortress At The Top Of The World, Ian R Harac
Ian R Harac

Rogue Planet – Fortress At The Top Of The World

“Rogue Planet: Fortress At The Top Of The World” is a new novel in the classic Planetary Romance genre, in the tradition of Edgar Rice Burroughs, Lin Carter, and Alan Burt Akers. Full of swashbuckling adventure, alien landscapes, and relics of forgotten science, this novel is sure to appeal to any fan of pulp action.

Forty years ago, a drifting world — a rogue planet — passed through the solar system. Using scavenged alien technology, a single ship was launched from Earth, in the hopes of contacting whoever or whatever might be controlling the unknown intruder.

Officially, neither the planet nor the mission ever existed.

Unofficially, the ship and its pilot were both lost without a trace, but even that was a lie.

There were reports. They were ordered destroyed, but were instead lost and forgotten for decades. Now they have been found. This book contains the first of them…
276 printed pages
Original publication
Ian Harac


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