Nicole Jalonen


Amber Demain, beautiful teen girl with brown hair, dark blue eyes looks like your every day average high school student. Fourteen year old deaf Jared Wesson is a boy who is shy and quiet while amber is wild and does and says what she pleases. Jared gets bullied at school because of his disability but is unbelievably smart for his young age. You may think there's a story of how these to different teens became friends and your right. Though it's not quite how amber Demane and Jared Wesson met that is the story here. It's the story of how they met and the dark and not just magical but biblical reasons they met that will keep you gripped. All Jared wanted was a friend and someone to help with the bullies what he got was a web full of mysteries and destiny he and amber may not survive! It started with a deal at a cross roads but amber and Jared's journey will take you on twists and turns love, friendship, magic and tragedy that will tug at your heart. Because as you read ledgerdemain you might be getting a little slight of hand trickery just like Jared Wesson.
106 printed pages
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