Thrifty Green, Priscilla Short
Priscilla Short

Thrifty Green

240 printed pages
This book is a unique resource-by-resource approach to living with less: how to lighten up, save money and practise conservation. Priscille Short shares the conservation lessons she learned living with no electricity. She shows how we can all conserve our 7 most important resources: Transport – hybrid cars, zip cars, bike shares, biodiesel and alternative fuels. Heat- heat pumps, thermostats, stoves, insulation and solar options. Power and Light – fluorescent vs. incandescent, natural light, high-tech vs low-tech appliances. Water – treatment for water pollution, filters, purifiers, outdoor plumbing, composting toilets, water policies and regulations, water bill calculators. Food – conventional vs. organic farming, pesticides in fruits and vegetables, dangers of plastic, resources for growing your own food. Rubbish – composting, recycling, building & designing with rubbish, Europe vs. America, Creating a smaller ecological footprint, world's highest rubbish dump (Mt. Everest) Stuff – downsizing and reclaiming: clothes, shoes, electronics, jewelry. The impact of our overconsumption. Entertainingly written, Short, also, examines how people in other countries do more with less and offers strategies that we all can implement by thinking in new ways about conservation.
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