Joe S Philip

Fragrance of Christ in Levitical Offerings, The

Have you always wondered why God gave the Israelites the Levitical offerings as part of their ceremonial laws? And what relevance do these offerings have on your life in the 21st century? Does the amount of details involved in each of the offerings overwhelm you? Find answers to such intriguing questions in this exciting book The Fragrance of Christ in the Levitical Offerings. This study of the Levitical offerings provides a fascinating way to enrich your spiritual walk with the Lord, introducing you to areas of Christ's life that you would have never appreciated had you not delved into this amazing subject. The amount of detail involved in each of these offerings and the precise methodology associated with each offering is fascinating. Would God require from the Israelites something so meticulous and grounded upon ceremonial laws if it had no spiritual implications in their lives and didn't foreshadow Christ and His sacrifice? The Scriptures reveal that every minute step, like skinning the burnt offering, or pouring oil upon the flour in the grain offering, or the laying of hands on the head of the peace offering, is filled with rich and glorious truths that affect your life and daily walk. This study will certainly nourish your spiritual life, by showing practically how to live for God, how to live a God-honouring life in the face of oppression, evil, trials and temptations, and enemies, and enjoy the communion with God.
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