What They Don't Teach in Prenatal Class, Anne Andrew
Anne Andrew

What They Don't Teach in Prenatal Class

In seeking a way to help her own troubled teenager, Anne Andrew learned valuable insights she wished she’d known when her children were still young. What They Don’t Teach in Prenatal Class is for parents of children of any age, but particularly for those who worry about a family history of depression or addiction. Anne discovered that the crucial message we must get across to children is that they are inherently worthy as human beings. Self-esteem is easily lost, but our Inherent Worth (IW) never changes.
This concept is not only the key to happiness; it is also the key to prevention and to recovery. When you read this insightful parenting guide, you will learn how to:

Understand your child’s behavior patterns and your own.
Improve communication, de-escalate conflict, and banish blame.
Strengthen your relationships (not just with your children).
Gain a new perspective on your role as a parent.

What They Don’t Teach in Prenatal Class also offers practical strategies that will help raise a kinder, happier generation.
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