Cheryl L. Hyde

Siren's Final Engagement

Siren's Final Engagement is a love story with a painful twist. Siren is a ghost who can't rest until her story is told.

Sometimes life deals you a rotten hand and you deal with it any way you can. These rotten hands can make you a stronger person or they can defeat you. The choice is largely up to you. Gabriella Lisette Barren-aka Siren-was the middle child and a delight to her middle-class, working parents. She and her two siblings were happily surrounded by the love of both parents.

Her life was almost perfect until first grade when she was dealt a rotten hand. With no way to escape that hand, Siren made the choice, for better or worse, of how she would deal with it. She buried the horror, the disgrace, somewhere deep within the dark recesses of her mind.

Now at the age of 24, Siren has a secret-a deeply buried, possibly deadly secret-that she has no recollection of but it is demanding to be set free. As a once precocious and out-going child surrounded by friends and a loving family, Siren became withdrawn and solitary beginning at the age of six, so much so she is now a total introvert. She attends classes as she studies to be a psychologist, works two jobs, and basically has no social life. None that is until she meets billionaire and luxury yacht designer and builder Beaumont Eugene Whitstone-Beau.

The instantaneous spark ignites feelings and desires she never realized she possessed and has her humming in all the right places. The deeper she falls for Beau, the more her secret tears at her, insisting to be set free. Happy and carefree during the day, Siren is plagued with debilitating nightmares that grow in intensity and frequency. The only time the nightmares are not present is when she is with Beau. But is being with Beau enough to save her from her past and the secret that is haunting her sleep?

The only way for Siren to save her future is to face her past and the monster that made her childhood a living hell. And that monster now wants nothing more than to see her dead and buried along with the unspeakable secrets her mind holds.

Will her secret, if set free, destroy her and those she loves?

Will the love she and Beau share be enough to save them from a terrifying menace?
273 printed pages
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