M.A. Gayle Redfern

Inner Bridges

The Dalai Lama has given many talks about peace and how we all contribute to world peace. He says “The world doesn’t belong to just leaders; the world belongs to all humanity.” He argues that global peace comes through meditation which can only be achieved through bringing the individual body into balance, the vibrational energy of the entire inner being. We cannot alter our surroundings which hold the peace until we have this balance and peace within us. The channeled information in this book gives insight into the power within us, the power of our local region and how we balance our body, mind, spirit and the world around us. It shows how to use meditation, food, colors, nature and social settings to achieve this balance. Once you gain inner balance, these tools help balance everything around you. The key to begin is Live Local, Live Simple. This is the first step.
Gayle Redfern’s interest in spirituality has been life-continuous with a focused drive over the past 15 years. As a conscious channel, she combines this gift with the learning from her degrees in Psychology and Holistic Health, helping others find solutions to achieve personal balance and reasons to share with others. Previously she worked in the communication industry as an educator, workshop leader and motivational speaker.
183 printed pages
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