Perfect Puppy Training Step by Step in 14 Days: The Complete Dog Training Guide, Leslie K.McDaniel
Leslie K.McDaniel

Perfect Puppy Training Step by Step in 14 Days: The Complete Dog Training Guide

A variety of methods can be used to train a dog. Some people favor positive reinforcement, others feel that saying the word “no” is fine in training, and others can be even firmer. I think that the key in training your dog is to use techniques that you can live with.

In this eBook we will outline the foundational building blocks for puppy training in 14 easy steps, and tell you what works and what does not work in real life. This eBook will bridge the divide between the complex world of dog training known only by the dog trainer gurus and the everyday average puppy owner simply trying to teach his or her dog. The following pages will give you an overview, in layman’s terms, of what puppy training is and how to do it, along with some simple steps, strategies, and techniques you can use to train your dog. So, this eBook is written for new puppy owners just starting out in training, as well as those with very limited knowledge of dogs who want to expand their understanding of them.
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