Ward Ashley

ABC for the Affluent Child

The first and most important learning experiences in a child’s life happen at home. Children learn from what they see, hear, and experience—and this starts as soon as they are born. 
The rich not only teach their kids smart money habits but they teach them that it’s okay 
to want to be rich, and that wealth is possible for anyone who thinks big enough. ”ABC for the Affluent Child will not only help your child develop affluent language, it will also help shape his or her thinking about wealth and money.  
This book is a much-needed and fun teaching tool. Additionally, «ABC for the Affluent Child' is a bedtime story for all parents who want to transport their littttle ones to a world of opulence while sparking their children’s desire to be extraordinary. 
After all, The starting point of all achievement is DESIRE

31 printed pages
Original publication
Ashley Ward



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