Leith Adams

The Father Balance

So, would you like to be a 'fair dinkum' father that can successfully manage to combine his marriage, family and career?”

Congratulations! This bestselling book can help you do just that! Leith is thoroughly excited to be sharing with you some of the principles that have worked for him, and his family to balance a busy modern lifestyle as a father, a Real Father……
Leith’s latest book, titled 'THE FATHER Balance', is a quick and simple guide on how you can build a career and at the same time, still keep your marriage and family together.
Leith is an expert in his field as he has lived what he has written.
Not too many blokes have lived through what Leith has, and managed to keep it all together and come out the other side with his family still intact. He can certainly help to inspire you to do likewise….
So if you want a good lively read, coming from a viewpoint of good old common sense and advice that says it as it is, do yourself a favor – grab this book today, you’ll be so glad you did!
102 printed pages
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