Delegate or Die!, Randall Harris
Randall Harris

Delegate or Die!

What happens when you take on too much because you think that is what God has told you to do? With little understanding, many leaders do not realize that God has placed different resources around them to help them get the job done!

There is a great secret contained in “Delegate or Die”. It reveals what the great prophets and spiritual leaders have tried to tell us for thousands of years. Randall Harris learned this secret by nearly dying. As a survivor, he now shares what he’s learned in this book.

“Delegate or Die” is a book that will inspire the reader to read, the thinker to think, the leader to lead and the preacher to preach. It will explain how a person with a combination of the above named roles can do the will of God without thinking the work is all of his to do alone.
46 printed pages
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