Quotes from “Pillow Thoughts” by Courtney Peppernell

I hope you find someone who never makes you question your own self-worth. I hope you find someone who chases your happiness as much as their own. I hope you find someone who supports you in the things you are passionate about. I hope you find someone whom you can laugh with and sit in silence with and share your deepest secrets with. I hope you find someone who is your lover, your partner, and your friend. I hope you find someone who treats you as their equal, who learns and grows with you and beside you. I hope you find someone who appreciates all the tiny details that make up who you are. I hope you find someone who respects your heart, your family, and your values. I hope you find someone who reminds you that you deserve the love you give.
You weren’t always like this, were you? Once vibrant and full of life, and all it takes is too many lies, a handful of betrayals, and a bucket full of hurt, and now suddenly you are wondering how someone could have been so cruel to damage your garden. So today, cover all those lies in soil, plant daisies, and watch them sprout and breathe life.
Perhaps it’s just easier to smile and pretend everything is fine, rather than admit my heart’s a little swollen from losing something that wasn’t even mine
Stop trying
to convince yourself
of the things
you already know.
Life is unpredictable, and I’d rather play every card as honestly as I can than have a deck full of regrets and what-ifs.
If you are in love and the love is returned, be grateful. Because if you take love for granted, it will be overturned.
Dear Life, you are exhausting at times. You throw more tantrums than I have ever known possible. You slow down, you speed up, you take time and give time. Sometimes there is sunshine and other times there are storms. So I try to break it up a little, take risks, love a lot, and find comfort in trying new things. But you are never the same, Life, always changing, always keeping me guessing. So I will live you, Life, to my absolute potential.
One minute you’re in pieces and broken on the floor and the next you’re putting on your shoes and heading out the door
You remind me that my heart is still alive
Because every time you come home
it beats so hard
it brings me back to life
I know you don’t see yourself

the way I see you

and you still argue

when I call you beautiful.

But all the things you can’t stand

about yourself

are all the things I can’t

go a day without.

I think if you let me,

I’d build an observatory

just to show you

that all the stars in the universe

will never shine as brightly

as you.
am more of a mess than a rainy day
because you have no idea I feel this way.
Some days you are raw
and things are falling apart
and when you look in the mirror,
you see an enemy,
someone you hate with all your heart,
but this is not how they see you.
When they look back at you,
they see an entire universe;
you are a body of art,
you are a map of galaxies,
you are every flower,
lovely from the start.
So when recovery seems far away
and no one understands,
when life cannot get any worse
and you would rather cry all day,
know you are wanted and loved.
I cannot survive.
Yes, you can.
You are needed,
so please
choose to stay alive.
Gentle Reminders
Do not let the world turn your heart cold.
They don’t teach you that some people will turn on you even after you have loved them with all the atoms in your body.
You are a battlefield. Never will there be a greater war than the one you hold with yourself.
be easy now
take some time
to clear the rubble
in your head
and teach your heart
that some things
are better left unsaid
don’t worry
if sometimes things break
and change and burn
because these are things
to help you learn
and I know they’re still
a part of you
Don’t text back right away; if you like them, pretend you don’t; and don’t you dare say I love you first.
Well screw all that.
I will text you back in three seconds; I will tell you that I like you; and if I love you, I’ll tell you every chance I get.
Life is unpredictable, and I’d rather play every card as honestly as I can than have a deck full of regrets and what-ifs.
You push people
Because it’s easier
Secrets in your veins
Hidden years in your
Please don’t be
I know what you are
I guess this is growing up
When things don’t work out
And you fight to hold on
Until you realize that sometimes
The only thing you have
Is to keep moving on
They don’t teach you that some days you might not believe the sun will rise, but it will.
People hurt like you.
Stop trying
to convince yourself
of the things
you already know.
Your head wants
another war
when your heart
needs to let go.
I know what it feels like
for my heart to ache
and my soul to cry.
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