#trusthewhy: Fundamentals, Values and Humor Get You Through Anything, Deborah Shane
Deborah Shane

#trusthewhy: Fundamentals, Values and Humor Get You Through Anything

259 printed pages
I have always thought of myself as a “spiritual entrepreneur.” Kindness is my superpower. Giving it, receiving it and encouraging it.

Spiritual entrepreneurs believe and demonstrate: “you can't keep it unless you give it away.” They serve and help people with an optimism and authenticity that builds mutually respectful relationships as the foundation for thriving in the connectivity economy and culture required more than ever today to endure and be successful.

The Global Financial Crisis of 2008 caught most people off guard because they were simply unprepared for this kind of a shift.

We are never completely prepared for life and what it puts in our path, but we must live in and focus on the present, the NOW always with an eye on the unexpected, the next, the future.

That's the WHY. It's what's happening NOW, the best practices of the moment, it's the fundamental things people do to get through things, move ahead and thrive. It's not a secret, a mystery or hiding. It's all around us and always inside of us.

That's the WHY we need to have accountability, optimism, use social media, be authentic, encourage humor and have impeccable integrity.

If we learned anything from that economic crisis, it is that we must stay up to date, as current as we can and don't fall behind. Relevance is the most coveted ideal anyone can commit to. Pay attention. Be present. Keep moving. Change is a door. Trust yourself more. Swim with the stream not against it.

This ebook is a collection of 56 articles which chronicle my professional and personal journey and transitions through these times. It highlights what I have learned, done and continue to do. I also feature 15 trusted and valued colleagues, that I have met along the way who are influential voices in business, marketing, social media and careers, who have influenced me.

Need a jolt of inspiration, motivation or positive energy? Then #trusthewhy and buy it now!
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