Satoyama, Angelo Aulisa
Angelo Aulisa


Satoyama, is a self help guide, not fiction, it goes through the high topics of meditation and consciousness awareness. In Satoyama you will learn the higher methodology of meditation, the deepest secret of your inner being, consciousness awareness, and the path to rediscover your original self inner being,is meditation,can be, silence passive, or any activity singing, dancing, painting any path that take you into no mind into your inner being is meditation the path. To live in harmony whit nature and consciousness to know your inner being and witness consciousness, awareness, is basic importance, in Satoyama many sophisticate methodology are suggested. And is about a new dawn of consciousness awareness for the entire world, one consciousness for the entire universe, no labels no adjectives no contents neutral to any interpretation of the little men unconscious asleep, is the truth the authenticity the reality of all living being and forms of life, consciousness is what animate, make alive, create an organism into all universal body sacred holy, otherwise we would have been a sum part mechanical assembled together the universal body, and the human being a machine a robot….Manyk
88 printed pages


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