Nigel Cox

Witchcraft and The Old Religion

This thorough writing enables the curious seeker to pin down a truly progressive path in perhaps one of the oldest forms of spiritual and magical awareness. To initiates and those in the know, 'the old religion' gives a name to this path. More commonly, the old religion is called Wicca. In this book, you'll find the means to realise your position as a natural born magician. This book encourages the reader to become aware of the symbolic meanings associated with witches tools like the pentacle. Once the reader understands what the pentacle represents, they can enter into the world of creating energetic influences, or magic.

This book gives a solid, straightforward grounding into what the Old Gods mean, working with the elemental forces, casting magical circles, practising Sabbat ceremonies and much more.

The author, Nigel Cox, is a practising witch who brings his knowledge of witchcraft and the old religion into an easy to read and straightforward way, encouraging those interested in this pagan path to move confidently into it, and if the reader chooses, initiate as a witch and develop a meaningful relationship with the old gods, witchcraft and the old religion.
91 printed pages
Original publication
Witchware Ltd



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