Buy That House, Caroline Jean-Baptiste
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

Buy That House

Welcome to Buy That House: How kickass women make it happen.
This is where the secret of harnessing all your kickass powers to get a loan and buy a property meets the growing demand for simple, practical advice for kickass women wishing to take the incredible step toward securing their future and becoming financially resilient.
While there are books on the process of buying your first home, they lack clear instructions on the financial behaviours and attitudes that must be in place before signing the contract. They also miss the information required on how to manage life financially once you have that mortgage.
In today’s environment there is a lot of talk about the lack of affordability for homebuyers. It can be discouraging and easy to write off owning a home when you’re in your 20s or 30s.
Many of us start out being a bit shit with money — I know I did. But turning this around is a game changer. Becoming an empowered, kickass, financially secure, home-owning woman is the goal. Because kickass women are awesome! Taking control of your spending, getting rid of debt, and owning a home — or three — is what I want for every woman!
Maybe you need some strategies and motivation to change your money habits. Maybe you went through a rough patch, weren’t prepared enough, and ended up not able to repay a debt. Maybe you had an unsuccessful business; maybe you just got ahead with your savings. You might have had an overspending issue and credit card debt that never seems to go away.
It’s only a matter of changing a few habits and you’ll move from being a bit shit with money (like I was) to having enough of a buffer to cover for emergencies and, miraculously, you’ll be able to live without a credit card like I do.
Now that’s a serious transformation! Let me help make that happen.
Caroline Jean-Baptiste

168 printed pages
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