10 Ways to Handle the Best Man, Heidi Rice
Heidi Rice

10 Ways to Handle the Best Man

120 printed pages
{"strong"=>["A battle of wills that’s about to get…heated!"]}
Sabrina knows her role as Maid of Honour for her bff’s wedding — to-do lists, spreadsheets… she’s totally in control. The best man is a whole different matter! They met once years ago but now Connor McCoy’s become the super-sexy, squillionaire type. And now she’s heard some intriguing rumours about what he likes in the bedroom…and it’s making her just a teeny bit nervous!
Being involved in any kind of wedding is so not Connor’s style. Sabrina is so uptight and control freaky — loosening her up could be the only fun thing about this wedding. He’ll use all the tools at his disposal to show her exactly who’s in charge…and who said anything about needing the bedroom..
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