If God Exists, M.E. Stearn
M.E. Stearn

If God Exists

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When I was seven years old the nun teaching my Catechism class told us that Mary immaculately conceived Jesus. My mother immediately disabused me of this idea, stating, unequivocally, that Mary was just another fourteen-year-old who got pregnant, arguably and ironically planting the seed for this book. The theist belief that God exists as a conscious entity in some form other than that of matter or energy denies, by definition, the actual existence of God. Atheism denies the belief in God existing as a conscious entity. Neither theists nor atheists rely upon evidence to support their belief. This thesis proposes that God either exists or doesn't exist and belief does not change the ultimate fact. Syllogistically, if God exists, God exists as some form of matter or energy and God is infinite by definition, and since matter and energy can be neither created nor destroyed according to the Law of Conservation, God and matter and energy are identical and everything that exists in the cosmos is God. Omnideism proposes a logical explanation for the actual existence of God consistent with the laws of physics and theistic purpose for human existence . . . if God exists.
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