Iréne Andersson

Create Health with Your Sexual Energy – The Tao Approach to Mens Well-Being

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This book is about how you can embrace your sexual energy and use this amazing creational power to generate well-being and a healthy body. You will get a deeper understanding of the health benefits of a sexuality that is utilized for well-being and not solely for pleasure. To do this, you go inside yourself, aided by self-empowering practices that guide you towards your deepest loving nature guide you towards your deepest loving nature and finding ways to achieve emotional balance. On the way there, you will get to know your masculine essence and extend your capability for sexual pleasure. According to the Tao, sexual energy is also linked to creativity and the ability to fulfill your heart's desires and purpose. The Taoist theory of awareness and cultivation of your life force and sexual energy is the basis for the practices in this book. This is a very good introduction to Taoist sexual practice.

Taoism and Sexual Qigong
Male Genital Anatomy
Orgasm versus Ejaculation
Various Orgasmic Expressions
Andropause, Testosterone and Prostate
Pelvic Floor Awareness
25 Informative Color Illustrations
15 Taoist Practices

«If you had full integrity in your sexual drive it would probably be a revolution in your way of creating relation­ships. Try to imagine how you would choose a partner if the attraction was not con­trolled by more or less unsatisfied unconscious erotic desires and emotional needs. It doesn't mean that the desire is not there, it's only more intentional and closer to your true desire and needs of your heart».

“A woman who unilaterally searches to be close without the ability of sexual dedication, is as half and incomplete as a man seeking only for ejaculation and orgasm, without the ability of emotional connection”.

"The source of both health and pleasure is within you”

I wish you a journey full of pleasure!
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