James Hicks


In the hierarchy of Hell, Lilith is at the bottom. She controls no territory nor does she oversee the punishment of The Guilty. She simply lives in her quiet cave with her only companion, Ornias, her demonic slave and only friend. What separates her from the other demons is that she was once human. Tired of being treated like a second-class citizen in the most hostile environment in the universe, she devises a plan to rise in the ranks of Hell. Along with Ornias, they plot to give Satan, who still longs to be the Most High, the one thing that he doesn't have: a son. Lilith and Ornias choose a lonely woman as a viable host to carry the gift child, but things don't go exactly as planned. Abominable seeds are born to them and are considered High Treason in Heaven and Hell. Rather than destroy the children, Lilith chooses to raise them as her own. She winds up ruling Hell, but it's not enough. Her next goal: Earth. Thousands of years ago when Evil would rise, God would raise up a mighty warrior to protect his people. Warriors like Moses, Joshua, David, and the Mighty Samson were called to save the Israelites from certain destruction. However, to save the Earth from annihilation, God will have to raise up another, something he hasn't done since the Old Testament Prophets. Who will answer the Lord's call and stand against the Kingdom of Darkness? As unlikely a choice that he is, John Summers will.
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