Forget-Me-Not Stories

The author, truly humbled that you are considering buying this collection of short stories, would like to draw your attention to the stories ‘Any Just Cause Or Impediment’ and ‘Heights of Desire’. The former is an outrageous rip-off of Sir Walter Scott’s ‘Lochinvar’ and the latter a parody of ‘Wuthering Heights’. To Sir Walter and Miss Bronte the author offers his sincere apologies.

The other stories in the collection are tame by comparison, with the only violence to be found, perhaps, distributed by the reader if disappointed by the purchase of ‘Forget-Me-Not Stories’. The author, a closet maverick, seeks to be, if not actually original, then different. It is an attribute the literary elite, apparently, cry in the night in want of, though from experience the author suspects that what they crave is also what they most fear. What they seek, obviously, is excellence, and that is a horse of a completely different feather.
135 printed pages


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