Meg Napier

Second Sight

New York Times bestselling author Sherry Thomas says, “Meg Napier devises an ingenious plot.” See that ingenuity spring to life in the heart wrenching tale of passion that spans centuries!
Can love between two souls be so strong that it withstands the tragic death sentence of history to rise again in a more auspicious time and place? And if so, what if those two unknowing souls are so wary of disappointment that they refuse to see the possibility of a new beginning?
The spark between Stephen, a British major loyal to King George, and Katrina, who believes her fellow colonists are justified in rebellion, is instantaneous, joyous, and all-consuming. Katrina's family despises her relationship with the hated Redcoat, but the two find such happiness in each other's arms that they believe their love can survive any difficulty. Amidst the beauty of the Hudson Valley and the looming threat of war, they cling to each other and to the hope that both sides will see reason.
Fast forward 250 years. Etienne and Catherine are determined to avoid the entanglements and pain that love and relationships can cause. Safe in her predictable suburban life and content with her work, Catherine wants nothing to do with passion or commitment. Angry and resentful after a terrorist bombing steals his eyesight and derails his career as a photojournalist, Etienne tries to retreat further behind the walls he's always had in place around his heart. As soon as the two meet, however, the barriers they have so carefully constructed are eroded by passion, laughter, and a strangely instantaneous intimacy. When dangerous choices threaten to tear them apart in an echo of Stephen and Katrina's fate, Catherine and Etienne are forced to choose: is it better to remain safe and alone, or to risk everything for love?

348 printed pages
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