Ron Culley

A Confusion of Mandarins

A Russia emerging from its Communist past is still trying to come to terms with a new role for its security services. Its economy is still far from capitalist but oil oligarchs are beginning to emerge and many are not enamoured of ethical international business practices. Internal friction within its security services sees a plot hatched to use agents to act against OPEC and Western oil interests in order to raise the price of Russia's black gold. Kyle and Bryson, two dishonourably discharged SAS soldiers are hired by British Intelligence and find themselves caught up in a manhunt as they pursue an Iranian terrorist who aims to use lethal ricin in a mix with explosives in a plan to decimate Western and OPEC oil interests. Chased by Spanish police and British gangsters, Kyle and Bryson come face to face with the man who would kill thousands.
334 printed pages
Original publication


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