K.M. Chandler

The Key

As long as Emberlynn can remember she has dreamed about her past; the problem is, she has very little memory of it. Her only clues are a silver key she wears on a chain around her neck and the recurring nightmares of dark shadows in a dense fog. In her waking life, Emberlynn is Princess of Ardia, and is set to inherit the throne from her father. Unfortunately, in order to do so she must marry. Running from the prospect of an arranged marriage to a man she doesn’t trust, Emberlynn leaves home, disguising herself as a commoner. Riddled with questions about her past and her future, Emberlynn goes looking for answers. What she finds is a plot to overthrow her kingdom, a world of magic she never knew existed, and somewhere along the way, herself.
214 printed pages
Original publication



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