Anna Patterson

Not Another Vampire Story, The Story of Felix Wood

Quote: Carlotta (voice faltering) I chose for this speech to talk about monsters. I know this is a strange subject, but many writers have thought it worthy of books and films. Here in this small community I feel we should be able to open our minds to things beyond our locked in simple and sometimes boring lives. So, I chose to talk about monsters. They can come to anyplace.
This is a Vampire Horror Story. It is the 1960s, two Hippies in yearly twenties hope to find a lost treasure in a cave the girl’s uncle told her about. They want to find a priceless heirloom so that they can go to Nashville and become rock stars. Penniless, naïve and flakey, they uncover a Vampire, Felix Wood, resting among the vampire bats in this dark place. Our ignorant hero and heroine decide to help the handsome man apparently frozen in time. When he awakes, they still want to befriend this ancient creature and help him return to his home, but where is that?
20 printed pages
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