David Bettenhausen,Carl Bogni-Kidd

Hell No, Reincarnation

the beauty is inside…
There is no HELL!

You are asked from the beginning of this book, your perception of God. We ask if you believe God is alive and active in your life today? Then again, we ask you, “What is your perception of God? And, is God loving?” Then, you are taken on a historical and factual journey of the history of good versus evil. Are good and evil simply a perspective? In this case, the only perspective that matters, is God's. We do not claim to speak for God. However, humans must be created with a purpose. Otherwise, why be created at all? Somewhere in all of this, free will must have some importance. And, with free will comes choice. Those choices are either positive or negative in God's eye.
We examine religion, history, philosophy and our own experiences in determining how our own actions are, that which keep us from God. If we were created with a purpose, that purpose is not to go to Hell; that purpose must be to return to a loving God, and reincarnation is the path and means back to God. It is man's/woman's conflict within themselves which has perpetuated this long and arduous journey as displayed in seven of our past lives. We are responsible for our own actions. If not for a loving God and God's plan of reincarnation, Heaven would be a lonely place and Hell would be over-crowded.
150 printed pages
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